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Help Celebrate Dorf Kapelle’s 30th Year Of Musical Entertainment!

May 20th – Dinner Show at Grand Meridian    Noon to 4 PM
Dorf Kapelle will be performing at the Grand Meridian, 2621 N. Oneida St., Appleton, Wisconsin on Sunday, May 20th. The event will consist of a dinner show and concert. Activities will begin with cocktails at Noon, dinner at 1 PM, and show from 2-4 PM. For Tickets, contact Sue at 920-968-2621. This event is an annual event for Dorf Kapelle that started nearly 10 Years ago.

June 16th – Private Event at Laack’s Hall   Johnsonville, Wisconsin

June 27th – Buttermilk Creek Park, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin   7-9:15 PM
Dorf Kapelle has been part of the Buttermilk Park Wednesday evening concert series ever since the series began. On the program will be a variety of the finest arrangements and vocal presentations written in the USA and Europe.

July 26 – German Night – Plymouth City Park, Plymouth, Wisconsin   
Dorf Kapelle will top off the evenings entertainment at “German night in the Park”
Here is where Dorf Kapelle started 30 years ago.. Our band leader Ernie Broeniman had established German Night as a regular event while he was director of the Plymouth City Band. For the fun of it, he put together some of his musical friends to play some arrangements he imported from Germany. Ten Songs were performed. It was a huge success! As Ernie puts it, “then the phone began to ring,” and Dorf Kapelle was established and on its way to becoming a premier “Blaskapelle.” Dorf Kapelle, along with the other festivities at German Night in the Plymouth City Park will bring those attending an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

July 28 – German Fest – Milwaukee
At this writing, a time and location at German Fest Milwaukee has not been established. We are on their website as a performing organization, but not under contract. Check  Dorf Kapelle and German Fest Milwaukee websites for more details….

Dorf Kapelle Christmas CD Now Available

Dorf Kapelle has just released Christmas CD II for purchase.  DK Christmas CD I was released in 2009 creating musical success and acclaim.  In the recording session that created the first Christmas CD, there were many musical selections that were not included on CD I, because of lack of space on the disk.  These selections by Dorf Kapelle are appearing on the 2014 Christmas with special additions of recent recording sessions that include the Bethlehem Lutheran Choir, vocalist Abby Broeniman,  and vocal selections of  Abby & Friends, and EU Brass Quintet.  In total, 19 Christmas musical selections are on this compact disk recording.

The Christmas CD II can be purchased by mail for $12.50 (includes P & H) from:  Ernest Broeniman, 351 N. Cherry St., #9, Hortonville, Wisconsin 54944 /// after December 15th, this Item can be purchased from:  Ernest Broeniman, 801 S. Inspiration Rd, #234, Mission, TX 78572, or by phone, 715-927-0063

Please add $2.00 for Shipping & Handling